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Paul’s Story (“A Life Saved”)

Paul’s Story

The dire news came that a close friend had recently committed suicide. The feeling of sadness came over me and seemed to crash like waves through me as I tried to paddle my little raft through the sea of sorrows. I could feel my life falling apart and it did, all within three days. Lost as ever, something deep within me urged me to climb a mountain and sit at the top of it. There I found an altar where I decided to perch against a tree and close my eyes. I said a tiny prayer, “Please Universe, give me a sign, anything, if there is any reason for me to be here.”

I opened my eyes to see a woman walking towards me who introduced herself as Eleanor. She handed me a fresh baked croissant stuffed with chocolate and we proceeded to share the space and to talk. She said it was okay to feel what I was going through, which is not something I’m used to hearing. I felt accepted. We then did some prayers and meditations together and I could feel the violent waves of the ocean inside me calming.

“How wonderful”, I thought. The universe answered me and sent me a guide. We then went for coffee and talked, joked, and laughed. Something hours before I never thought I would do again. We parted ways but not before she made me affirm to myself that I would forgive myself, and that I deserved to be here. At the time that was exactly what I needed to hear. How did she know? Maybe she saw the tears forming in my eyes at times, but I mentioned nothing about the hard time I was going through in that moment.

Fast forward to a couple days later as I am walking towards Playa del Carmen from the spiritual retreat where I had been staying.  Suddenly, a taxi pulls over ahead of me on the road. Sure enough, Eleanor pops her head out the window and yells, “Get in!” I was probably still ten to fifteen miles away from my destination. Another crazy coincidence that brought us together. Or was it coincidence?

I truly believe a higher power brought us together and now we will be friends for life. Eleanor brought a little magic back into my life and I’m truly grateful for her. It’s not every day someone comes along who knows exactly what you need in that moment. Those were acts of pure kindness. There’s nothing more magical to me than that.


Eleanor’s reflection on Paul’s Story

I had been staying near a spiritual healing center in the Mayan Riviera, on the Gulf of Mexico, and was in the habit of buying freshly baked pain au chocolat from the local French bakery before heading up to the center to join my friends for breakfast. That particular morning, I was prompted to buy six instead of my usual five croissants, not knowing the reason why but trusting the prompt as always.

The healing center is quite well known amongst the spiritual community given that the meditation part sits on a very powerful vortex known for its healing energy.  The meditation spot is outdoors on a high point behind the center, and it includes an altar of sorts which provides a focus for the energies. I had started going up to what is known as the Loma to do some yoga as the founder had passed away recently and I had been asked to clear old energy and create a balance for the new.

As I made my way to the Loma it was still quite early in the morning.  It was my intention to do some yoga, energy clearing, and prayers for the clearing and healing of the center. When I arrived, I saw a young man sitting at the Loma and he had his face in his hands with tears streaming down and he looked very distressed. My vibrational senses were on ‘red alert’, so intuitively I was guided to act quickly as if it was a life or death situation. I remained really calm with the boy and casually mentioned as he made to leave that he was very welcome to stay as the Loma space was for all, and as long as he didn’t mind me doing my thing.  I then offered him the remaining chocolate croissant as I then realized that I bought it for him.

I put out my yoga mat and sat down and told him it was ok for him to feel whatever he was feeling, and this was a safe space. I then proceeded to go through my yoga prayer ritual and invited the young man to be a part of it while asking the Divine to keep an eye on him and shift the energy that was holding him down (with his permission, of course). I also asked him to take some photos of me doing my yoga.

My intention was to invite him to participate so that he felt welcome and included.  Afterwards, I asked him to come and join my friends for a coffee, which he did, and once again he was made to feel very welcome.  Afterwards as he was leaving, I accompanied him to the exit and offered him a huge ‘mothering hug’ and held him for a brief time, inviting him to affirm that he could ‘forgive himself’ and that he had a right to be here.  It was at that point I felt that he was out of personal danger without knowing exactly what it was that was troubling him and left him to go on his way.  At the time I recall reflecting that one never knows the impact that you have on someone, as I had the opportunity to see in action only a few days later.

Not long afterwards I was taking a taxi to the airport and halfway there I saw Paul waking by the side of the road and had the taxi driver pull over so that I could offer him a ride.  It was a long way to the next town, and he must have already walked about 10 or 15 miles when I saw him. I knew that I only had a brief time with him, and so I chatted a little more about life and shared some of my own experience of a personal struggle and how I overcame it.  We dropped him off at the airport entrance and I gave him a little money and a hug and left him to finish his journey.  I also gave him my email address so that he could contact me if need be, and a little while later Paul shared his experience in his own words. Outside of my professional practice this is a ‘normal’ occurrence for me, and I cannot refute the idea that there is always a Divine presence at work for which I am sometimes called upon to be a conduit.  I have since heard that Paul returned to the healing center for a time and more recently has become a chef at another healing center located nearby. I am told that his is very happy.

For my part I was glad to have followed my intuition and to have helped a young soul in distress, partly through my gift and partly through sharing a little of my own story of struggle, strength, and hope. I was also reminded how important our words and actions are and of the positive influence or impact they may have on others when coming from a place of loving kindness.