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Vibrational Sanctuary is the creation of Eleanor Smith, an integrative vibrational healer and empath who has assisted people all over the world with a range of concerns including deep emotional processing, releasing negative energies, and realizing life’s full potential.

Eleanor expertly operates at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques, channeling the universal energies of Creation to provide a unique perspective and path toward healing.

What is Vibrational Sanctuary?

A soothing place to rest, restore, and rejuvenate your soul.

A space where you can experience emotional safety and confidentiality. People come to Vibrational Sanctuary with pain and grief, for which they need healing; they come with questions, for which they need intuition and answers; and they come with dreams, for which they need interpretations, and much more.

In a vibrational empathic reading, you will receive guidance to unlock what Eleanor calls the “amnesia of the soul.” Think of it as the power of healing and knowledge you already contain within you—and what may need guidance from the unseen to be revealed.

Whatever the question or concern is, the energy of Creation is poised to guide you toward the answers, and with Eleanor’s loving support and assistance as a vibrational empath you’ll be sure to find your path.

Contact Vibrational Sanctuary

    If you’ve ever said, “This is going to sound weird,” Eleanor will respond, “Not in my world.”

    You may not be sure where your life is headed, and you'd like guidance.

    You may be worried about family members, friends, or loved ones.

    You may be experiencing difficulties at work and need some insights.

    If there is negative energy surrounding your soul, you may need help clearing it.

    Your intuition may be nudging you about important relationships.

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