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About Us

Eleanor Smith is a vibrational empath, psychic advisor, world traveler, and so much more.

Who Founded Vibrational Sanctuary?

Eleanor Smith is a vibrational empath, a psychic guide, a world traveler, a certified Yogi, and trained spiritual healer with expertise in meditation, ThetaHealing®, Tarot card reading, holistic medicine, and much, much more.

Drawing upon her Celtic druidic background, and supported by her learnings and life experiences, Eleanor spends her days assisting people — in person and virtually — by tapping into the infinite energy stream and providing integrated psychic readings and interpretations.

Read testimonials from previous clients she’s helped over the years here.


How does Vibrational Sanctuary work?

Eleanor tunes into a client’s individual vibrational frequency in the context of the universal energies that surround them. Everybody vibrates energetically at a particular frequency. If you are vibrating at a low frequency your energy will appear dense and your personal issues more challenging. Eleanor works with clients to raise their vibrational energy and guide them to their own awareness. Raising this awareness in themselves allows them to feel lighter and brings clarity within their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Vibrational Sanctuary is a welcoming space where you can find guidance, healing from grief and tragedy, relief from tension and stress, and assistance unlocking the power to help and heal yourself.

Some people call Eleanor a psychic, clairvoyant, shaman, storyteller, mentor, and a healer. She’s all of those things, and much more.

If you’ve ever said, “You’re not going to believe this,” Eleanor will usually respond, “Try me.”

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