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Anna’s Story

Anna’s Story

I heard that Eleanor was looking for a personal assistant and, as I work in this area, Eleanor somehow managed to find my number and we hooked up.  At one of our early meetings, I asked Eleanor what kind of work she did and in the course of conversation she mentioned that dead people came to visit her. I suddenly felt goosebumps all over. My brother had died in a terrible accident three years back, which was a life changing event for me and my family, but I didn’t say anything at the time because the pain was still raw.

Without knowing that I had just met Eleanor, my mother called the day after from her home in Europe and told me she would like to know how her son was doing on the other side, and that she was thinking about him all the time and missed him terribly. I thought this must be a sign that my brother wanted to get in touch with us, and so I asked Eleanor to come over to talk about it.

When we started the session, Eleanor informed me that some stuff she would be saying would not make any sense to me, but it would to my mother. She started talking about very specific Christmas tree hangings that my brother wanted as decorations, and she talked about a Christmas beverage my mother should drink for him. She also said that she saw a toy train and something like a fire engine. I recognized these immediately as my brother’s beloved childhood toys. The toy train was my father’s toy, which he gave to my brother (and after my brother died, my nephew inherited it). The fire engine I recognized as a tank, which my brother actually bought in his 30s. It was a childhood desire that my parents would not give him, as they did not agree with war toys. He got it as an adult and my mother had told me this tank appeared to her in a dream just after his death, and she felt he did not want her to give it away—so she had been keeping it in her house since his death.

Later when I recounted the session to my mother, she told me that she recognized the Christmas tree hanging, which she said she chose not hang last year because of the painful reminder. She also knew exactly what drink he was talking about as it was a drink that only he liked, but my mother does not.  She added that my brother hadn’t lost his sense of humor because he always knew she didn’t like that drink.

During the session my brother offered specific advice to my mother and father about getting over the grief. In addition, he had a message for his girlfriend and for one of my sisters, and I conveyed all these messages afterwards. My mother understood every word her son wanted her to receive, and it made her so glad to hear from him and to know he is here, he is with her, and he always will be.

At the time I felt my brother going straight into my heart, and he warmed me up from inside out. I realized he will always be with me. Our love is eternal and very much alive.  Since my brother died, I often had a feeling that he is sometimes around—but it was just a feeling, and I wasn’t sure. Now, after I was finally able to ask him questions via Eleanor (which he answered), I feel calmer and can let go of him a little more. This experience was very helpful to me, and very comforting to my mother, and we both felt more at peace as a result.

My experience is that a healing such as this can help people who have difficulties letting go of a loved one. It makes you realize that they are still around, and that you must accept the divine way of living and dying.


Eleanor’s reflection on Anna’s Story

I found out through a mutual acquaintance that Anna (not her real name) had some skills that could be useful to me and was keen to meet up with her.  We met soon after and the conversation inevitably turned to the work that I do.  I told her a little about my online business and the types of clients that I saw, both virtually and in person, and how I helped them.  She seemed intrigued and, whilst she came across as a spiritual and open minded person, I could tell that she had never met anyone quite like me before.

At our second or third meeting Anna told me that her brother had passed a few years ago because of an accident.  I already knew this, though, because he had already spoken to me from the other side.   At the time I asked her not to share any details of the incident so that I could first gain clarity from the other side.

It can be a tricky situation when someone I am engaging with in a professional setting is seeking my help.  The dilemma is centered on the fact that I often find myself between two parties – one in the physical world and one on the other side – and yet I am wanting to establish or maintain a working relationship going forward.  In this case, I agreed with Anna that we would do an exchange of services to manage the energetics of the situation.

When I arrived at Anna’s home, I could feel the energetic imprint of unresolved tragedy.  As I walked around her property, I could sense the location where the accident occurred and was shown what had happened.  In these situations, whilst I may receive full disclosure of what transpired I will work with the energies to avoid re-traumatizing the client, so in this case I said: “I am being told this is where the accident happened.”  My background in trauma informed yoga and language is invaluable in these situations, and I then gently explained what I was seeing for the purpose of verifying the information being provided to me by her brother.

When I am receiving information in circumstances such as this I work with my principal guide and put forth a prayer asking the energy of Creation for assistance, seeking an understanding of the higher purpose for the loved one who has departed to be reaching out to the physical world.  My guide works with the departed person and then provides information to me in the form of images, memories, symbols, replaying of events, verbal messages, or even sensations or smells.  I then become a spiritual interpreter between the seen and unseen and begin to navigate the exchange of information, which must be done delicately and with great skill to ensure that the meanings behind the messages are properly conveyed and in a manner that works with the client’s emotional state and in accordance with the higher spiritual purpose.

Invariably there is a great love expressed by the one who has passed over that needs to be conveyed to those left behind, and this is even more important when their passing has been tragic or sudden.Although this work can be challenging, I feel honored to be able to facilitate this healing process when I see the immense sense of relief from the internal suffering that my client has experienced.  I am also continually in awe of the great love that the Divine has for us, and the creative ways in which clients in needs are brought before me.  It is also immensely rewarding for me to witness not only the immediate relief from grief, loss, guilt, or other such energies that a client experiences, but also to be a part of their healing journey in the ensuing months, or even years, as they move through the process of recovery and growth.