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An Early Experience of My Psychic Abilities (Ben’s Story)

In the early days of coming to terms with my psychic nature, my partner and I travelled to stay with friends in the eastern part of Australia. They lived on an island that was only accessible by car ferry, and the island itself was a wildlife sanctuary.

On our second night there, I felt a presence in our room and woke my partner, telling him that there was a small boy standing at the end of the bed. He wasn’t threatening or demanding in any way and was standing there looking at me. My partner couldn’t see anything and eventually the image faded. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, as by then I was getting used to seeing apparitions and receiving the messages that accompanied them. This one was different, though, as the boy did not speak but instead was gesticulating with his hands, placing them over his mouth.

In the morning I asked our host about the boy and, because it was a small community, she thought that it might be the younger brother of a friend of her granddaughter’s.  She recalled that a young boy had died on the island about five years ago. I didn’t think too much more of it at the time and so I put it out of my mind.

The next morning, we were lined up at the terminal waiting for the ferry to take us across to the mainland.  I felt a sudden compulsion to get out of the car for one last look at the island, as if I wasn’t meant to leave yet. At that time, the woman in the car behind jumped out and approached me and asked if my name was Eleanor. She told me that she had dreamt about me the night before and that her son had urged her to speak to me.

After this brief exchange, she said we should turn around and follow her to her house.

When she invited us in, I was immediately drawn to a shelf full of children’s toys, and to a fire engine in particular. Without hesitating, I picked it up and started moving it back and forth on the floor and making muted sounds, as if I was trying to express sounds but couldn’t.  I was then prompted to ask why didn’t allow her children to swim. The mother immediately broke down in tears and then the story unfolded. She told us that there had been a party a few years earlier, and that her son Ben had gone missing for a short time. Tragically, the mother found him drowned in a swimming pool in the back yard, which was later found to have a faulty gate latch. He was not quite four years old.

The mother had been stricken with grief and guilt ever since, feeling that she should somehow have prevented the accident. I was able to convey messages from her son to reassure her that there was nothing more she could have done, and that for some reason her son was unable to cry out for help. She shared with me that she had been immediately convinced of my authenticity because of the sounds I made with her son’s favorite toy, the fire engine, which was exactly what he used to do. She then said that her son had been born mute.

This was a transformative and intensely healing experience for the mother. Through this seemingly random encounter, and the messages I was able to convey, she was finally able to forgive herself and feel at peace for the first time in years.

For my part, I was grateful of the opportunity to help bring about this healing, and for the reminder of the important work that I am here to do.  For me, this experience was pivotal because I received unequivocable confirmation of my connection to the unseen due to the very unique circumstances surrounding this interaction.

I knew then, with renewed conviction, that I had to develop my abilities and continue to assist others.